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Life-Changing VA Benefits Planning

The "aid and attendance" veterans benefit is an improved pension for veterans, their widowed spouses, and their dependents. Many who are eligible do not even realize it.


To see if you qualify, trust Southern Illinois Elder Law, which has helped your neighbors complete more successful VA benefits applications than any legal firm south of Chicago.

How to qualify for veterans aid and attendance benefits

For you, your spouse, or dependents to be eligible for this benefit, you must have:

• Served in a time of war

• Been considered active-duty for a period of 90 days

• Served at least 1 day during these specific wartime dates:

  World war II  (12/07/1941 - 12/31/1946)

  Korean Conflict  (6/27/1950 - 1/31/1955)

  Vietnam War  (8/05/1964 - 5/07/1975)

  Vietnam War  (2/28/1961 - 5/07/1975, if service occurred in country of Vietnam)


Please note that program eligibility does not require service overseas.

Aid and attendance program eligibility limitations

• Veteran’s discharge cannot have been dishonorable

• Beneficiary must require regular assistance with at least one activity of daily living

• Claimant's income and assets must fall below specified thresholds


Just what does that mean? It's complicated! But that's why Southern Illinois Elder Law exists. We'll help you gather information, assess eligibility, and ensure that confusing requirements and a complicated application form doesn't stop you from receiving the benefits you deserve.

Tools to help with your VA benefits planning

If you like to research these things on your own, take a look at the assessment tools below. They will give you a more comprehensive understanding of what we've outlined above. But if you're still feeling lost, just take advantage of your FREE 15-minute phone consultation.


• VA application checklist

• VA aid and attendance FAQ

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