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Responsible Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is often your last resort to pay for nursing home care. Maybe you believe you must deplete all your money and assets before the program kicks in. But that simply isn't true.


Clearing up such misconceptions is one of the advantages you'll receive when you work with Southern Illinois Elder Law's friendly attorneys and staff. We make the fine print make sense.

Why should I plan for a government benefit?

Responsible Medicaid planning is a deliberate process designed to protect the nest egg you devoted your whole life to building. Our FREE 15-minute phone consultation will help you determine if creating a plan is worthwhile. In most cases, we can help you take steps to legally protect many of your personal assets. That means the money you saved will last longer, providing maximum benefit to the nursing home resident, their spouse, and their family.

Don't wait to be surprised — plan ahead

In most cases, Southern Illinois Elder Law can point you to planning options that will protect half the assets of a loved one already in a nursing home. But the earlier you plan, the more you can protect. We get it. It's not fun to contemplate a nursing home future for yourself or your spouse. But effective Medicaid planning just isn't a do-it-yourself proposition. We know the law, and our counsel should provide you with a welcome return down the road.

How to get a handle on your Medicaid options

  • Assess what net worth you need to avoid the need for Medicaid

  • Keep yourself informed by checking the government's dedicated Medicaid website

  • Give us a call for your FREE 15-minute phone consultation

We'll help you cope with Medicaid's red tape.