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The best things in life may not all be free, but on this page you'll find that Southern Illinois Elder Law has provided some very good information that qualifies. The capsule descriptions outline what you'll find inside. Take your time to read them carefully. We hope you'll start thinking about planning for your future and how best to protect your estate for your family. And if you have any questions, just call for your FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

Medicaid planning — things to know

You've all heard the horror stories. A spouse becomes ill and must move to a nursing home. As the months march on, your bank account dwindles. Before you know it, you're forced to sell the home you spent 30 years paying for. But things don't have to happen that way.


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Frequently asked questions about Medicaid

If you hope to avoid the necessity of becoming a Medicaid patient, you're smart to start planning early. We'll help you understand how to use the law to your advantage. You won't be hiding assets — you'll use legal means the government has established to protect them.


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Trusts — frequently asked questions

Veterans Administration aid and attendance

Trusts legally separate asset ownership from the need to manage a complex portfolio. Southern Illinois Elder Law can help you create the right trust to achieve your goal — tax planning, asset distribution, or managing assets on behalf of the young or incapacitated.


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If you or your spouse served even one day of active duty during wartime, you may be eligible for VA benefits. We often can help you arrange your assets to ensure that you qualify, and we'll help you file the required paperwork. If successful, benefits are paid directly to you.


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